World Harp Congress (Jul 2017)



The World Harp Congress, Inc. a private non-profit organization was founded in 1981 as an outgrowth of the International Harp Weeks held in The Netherlands for twenty years under the leadership of Phia Berghout and Maria Korchinska.
The World Harp Congress is held every 3 years at different cities. Past Congresses have been held in Maastricht, The Netherlands; Jerusalem, Israel; Vienna, Austria; Paris-Sevres, France; Copenhagen, Denmark; Seattle-Tacoma, USA; Pregue, Czech Republic; Geneva, Switzerland; Dublin, Ireland; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and Vancouver, Canada. Concerts, workshops and seminars concerning all aspects of harp musicology and performance are offered at these triennial sessions.
With the support from the Hong Kong SAR Government and musicians from Asia and China, Hong Kong won in the bidding to host WHC 2017 – FIRST Time in Asia!
The World Harp Congress has members representing over 50 countries. The Board of Directors welcomes all persons who are interested in the harp to join this international organization.

世界豎琴大會於1981年成立,成員來自50個國家,大會每3年於不同國家舉行,將豎琴音樂傳播到世界各地,世界豎琴大會曾於荷蘭馬斯特里赫特、以色列耶路撒冷、奧地利維也納、法國巴黎、丹麥哥本哈根、美國西雅圖、捷克共和國布拉格、瑞士日內瓦、愛爾蘭都柏林、荷蘭阿姆斯特丹和加拿大溫哥華舉辦過,獲香港特區政府、亞洲及中國各地音樂家支持,香港成功申辦2017年世豎 - 成為亞洲首個主辦城市!

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