Harpi Playground Volume 1 Music Book


Harpi Playground is a colorful Chinese-English bilingual harp book, designed for kids/beginners who are learning harp. Suitable for Lever and Pedal Harps

This Book includes:

  • Solo Piece
  • Warm Up Exercise
  • Theory
  • Music Reading Skills
  • Key Chart for Lever Harp & Pedal Harp
  • Tuning Exercise for Lever Harp & Pedal Harp
  • Hands Position & Fingerings
  • Types of Harp
  • Understanding the Harp Strings
  • Harp Maintenance
  • Tuning Method & Replacing Broken String

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All in One Harp Book

Solo, Theory, Exercise

Tunes for Lever Harp & Pedal Harp


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