Park Stickney Jazz Improvisation Program (First workshop on 8 Nov 2019)



World Harp Academy Series 2019 – Park Stickney Jazz Improvisation Program


Introduction to Jazz Harp – Stage One

Course Description

Combining of in-person group classes and personalized 1-1 program, students will learn the basic of jazz harp improvisation, and make their own arrangement with Park during the private classes.  Top performance will be selected for publishing and performance.


Core Curriculum

Basic chords (triads and the 3 most important 7th chords, in all 12 keys)
Bass lines
Accompaniment (LH) techniques
Blues form
Separation of hands, (juggling melody/improvisation with bass lines and accompaniments)
Rhythmic stability during improvisation


Initial 2-hour class

Theory: Basic chords, blues form
Rhythm: working with shaker egg
Technique: introduction to Bass lines and Accompaniment

These concepts will then be more deeply explored and expanded upon in the 8 subsequent individual lessons.


Online Private Classes and the Pieces

These concepts will be explored via at least 2 pieces: a group piece (everyone playing the same) and a piece chosen by the student (in discussion with Park).

The goal of the individual piece is to make the student’s own personalized arrangement.  The piece can be almost anything, from jazz to traditional to classical.  It can be from a recording or from a written-out already-existing piece.  But this will just serve as a starting point, as we will take it apart and put it back together again.

We will develop the group piece together, with the idea that we can play it together at the “graduation” concert.


Final 2-hour class

To be determined, based on the needs of the class.



  • 2 x two hour in-person group class in the beginning and during the program
  • 1 x one hour in-person private class
  • 8 x one hour online private class


  • Grade 6 ABRSM or above




In the event of any dispute, Hong Kong Harp Chamber Music reserves the right of final decision.