Italy Harp Camp Program 2024 (22 to 28 July 2024)



22 July 2024 (Monday) to 28 July 2024 (Sunday) 

The Harp Chamber Italy Summer camp is a specialized program designed to provide our young harpists and parents with an immersive and enriching experience during the summer break. It serves as a creative and educational retreat where participants can hone their musical skills and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for music with renown harpists.

The Factory Visit

An exclusive private tour to the heart of Italian harp making in the beautiful Pisaco and Saluzzo area help us to gain insight of our dear instrument.  Stepping into an instrument factory is like entering a world where craftsmanship and creativity merge to give birth to beautiful musical instruments.

Friendly staff will provide an overview of the factory and its operations. They will guide us through the facility, explaining the different areas and processes involved in creating the harp. We will witness the various stages of instrument construction from the stacks of carefully selected wood, waiting to be transformed into the body or the soundboard of the harp. The artisans and experts will share their knowledge and passion for their craft, answering our questions and offering insights into the intricacies of instrument making.

As we conclude our visit, we will be in the beautiful Italian harp showroom,  a dedicated space where the finished instruments are displayed. Here, we can explore a wide range of harps, each with its own unique characteristics and beauty.  Here, we follow the footprints of some of the world’s most renown harpists.

The visit helps us with a deeper appreciation for the artistry and dedication that goes into creating the harp. We have witnessed the fusion of tradition, innovation, and expertise, which results in instruments capable of inspiring musicians and creating beautiful music.

The Teaching

Harp masters  Ieun Jones and Marcella Carboni will provide in depth coaching on classical, electrical and jazz harp playing.


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