Harp路E is a labour of love of London-based multi-award winning Dutch designer Joris Beets.

A harpist himself, Joris has already taken the harp world by storm by developing the electric DELTA Harp. This super sleek and award-winning instrument is now being played by both classical and experimental musicians on the world鈥檚 biggest stages. It is produced and sold by the harp industry giant SALVI Harps.

While DELTA has achieved many things - from adding a superior bass range to shifting the instrument's reputation - the issue of unaffordable high quality lever harps still remained. Something needed to be done about the most expensive elements of the instrument - the levers. A full set of quality levers comprises of hundreds of intricate metal parts, making the instrument inaccessible for many.

The idea was simple - to reinvent the mechanism and frame construction completely while using the finest quality strings and a state of the art pickup system. These elements make Harp路E a stage ready instrument for a fraction of the price.

In partnership with the Dutch Harp Festival and "Het Leerorkest", an Amsterdam-based NGO providing musical instruments to underprivileged children, Joris' Harp路E team spent months researching the needs of pro musicians, students, harp teachers, schools, and harp technicians.

The challenge was to come up with solutions for the main pain points of traditional harps - they鈥檙e expensive, fragile, huge, heavy, inconvenient, and a nightmare to amplify - among many others.

The result - an affordable, flat-packed, self-assembly, electro-acoustic harp that is both extremely durable and lightweight without compromising sound quality or string tension. Harp路E is here for anyone to explore the fun and the magic of the harp.


Plug & Play

For those who just want to play. Even like this it's still by far the most affordable teaching grade electro-acoustic harp out there. Also includes stand, bag and strap.

This package includes:

  • Harp路E (version 3) 24 strings with its stand, strings, internal electronics (pre-amp)
  • Carrying bag / backpack
  • Detachable strap to play in other positions (delta harp, guitar etc)
  • Battery for the internal electronics
  • Assembly and tuning keys
  • Assembly and usage manuals (via QR)
  • Access to the community group

(does not include external electronics like cable and effect pedals)



Dual mode

You will have enough sound from the small soundboard to rehearse acoustically (and neighbour-friendly), but with the integrated amplification you unlock an entire universe of electric possibilities.

Delta pickup

The novel technology based on Delta Harp by Salvi means fully self-shielding and integrated amplification of all strings. So you won't get feedback and low-hum problems like you would with piezo pickups.

Native pre-amp

A built-in, smart pre-amplifier ensures high signal-to-noise ratio, zero latency and full compatibility with any effects, stage amps and studio equipment. But you could also just link it to a mini interface with your iPhone and record and edit on the go with just your phone or tablet.


Wearing the Harp路E like a guitar or Delta Harp with the included strap unlocks an entirely different appearance and interaction on stage - go wild!


The Harp路E is light and the most compact harp in the world, because of the lean soundboard, electric amplification as well as the smart design: everything, including even the stand, folds into itself, neatly fitting into the specially designed backpack. Imagine putting a harp in the overhead compartment!