Harp Regulation

pedal base

You are recommended to have your harp regulated periodically.  Harp Chamber offer Harp Regulation service performed by a Lyon & Healy/ Salvi harp technician. A standard regulation includes:

- Inspection of the base
- Pedal levers
- Springs
- Greasing
- Checking pedal rods and connections
- Adjusting rod length/overmotion
- Changing pedal and slot felt
- Adjustment of string/disc positioning
- Noise control
- Calibrate the intonation of intervals
- Overall inspection of body, frame, neck, column, and mechanism

Jason Azem



With almost 20 years of experience reulating harps, Jason Azem is among the world's most sought-after technician. He began his career at Lyon & Healy Harps, where he studied under Peter Wiley and later was appointed Production Manager of the Assembly Department. In 2012, he chose to leave Lyon & Healy to become an independent technician. Jason's clientele includes many of the world's leading orchestras, universities and professional harpists in the US, Latin America, Central America, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe. He has also worked as the exclusive techician at the USA International Harp Competition, International Harp Conrest in Israel, Lyon and Healy Awards, American Harp Society Conferences and Institutes, as well as the World Harp Congress in Vancouver. Jason is a member of the Lyon & Healy/ Salvi Technicians Guild.

Jason will be visiting Hong Kong periodically to provide Harp Regulation Service. Please subscribe to our Newsletter or follow us on facebook for updated news.