Harp Trial Class for Adult Beginners 豎琴體驗課


Harp music is magical and soothing. Come join us for a wonderful musical experience! Harp Chamber will launch harp experience class for adult beginners. Learn a song each week with our Ms Ann Huang, Principal Harp of Hong Kong Sinfonietta on every Monday night. First lesson on 27 Feb. Registration: 3741-0202 / 2319-0620. 自2月27日起,豎琴堡會於每個星期一晚上開辦豎琴體驗課,由香港小交響樂團首席豎琴手黃士倫老師親自教授。每週彈奏一首樂曲。有興趣的朋友,可致電3741-0202/ 2319-0620 報名。

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