Harp Recital by Lauyee Yeung and Students



Harp Recital by Lauyee Yeung and Students
Date: 21 May 2016 (Sat)
Time: 3pm
Venue: The Harpy Place, 2/F, Comix Home Base, 7 Mallory Street, Wanchai

Price: $50
*You must register at here to gain entrance on the day of event.


Lauyee Yeung

  • Master of Arts double degrees at the Royal Academy of Music in London and the University of London (Distinction)
  • 1st prize in Solo Bach Competition
  • 1st prize in the N.Borenstein harp duo competition

Described as “extremely musical”, harpist Lauyee YEUNG has given acclaimed performances all over the world since her graduation from the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London and the University of London where she earned her Master of Arts double degrees with distinction in 2011.

Lauyee started her musical journey at the age of 6. One year later, she started giving regular public solo recitals. At the age of 10, she gained entry to the Attached Middle School of the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing where she was awarded scholarships every year for her outstanding performance.

Lauyee’s orchestra experience debuted at the age of 13 to great acclaim with the Central Conservatory of Music Attached School Youth Symphony Orchestra in Beijing. Her orchestral performances of ballet and standard repertoires were well-received. During her years of orchestral training she had the privilege to work with world renowned conductors Seiji Ozawa and Liang Shen Chen.

After graduating with honors from the music conservatory in Beijing, Lauyee pursued further studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London for her Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts (Music) degree under the tutelage of Skaila Kanga, head of the Harp Department and renowned harpist Catherine White.

Meanwhile, Lauyee also underwent very intensive orchestra training with Thelma Owen, the Principal Harp of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. She played frequently with the Royal Academy Symphony Orchestral and Young Musician Symphony Orchestra and had the great honour and precious opportunities to work with famous conductors like Sir Colin Davis, Yan Pascal Tortellier, Sussana Malkki and James Blair.

Lauyee has won numerous prizes including the 1st prize in the N.Borenstein harp duo competition and 1st prize of solo Bach competition. She was also awarded a Financial Assistance Bursary by the Royal Academy of Music and a scholarship by the Musicians Benevolent Fund to support her postgraduate studies.

Her interest in contemporary repertoire has paved way for her performances of various premiering works by Richard Bissell, Gareth Woods, Rhian Samuel, Eric Crees and Joby Talbot. She was also invited to give solo recitals in Amsterdam, Switzerland and St Martin-in-the-Fields in London. Lauyee also served the community by playing soothing harp music for hospice centres in the United Kingdom. An active member of the Royal Academy of Music Harp Ensemble, Lauyee performed with the group at the Duchess of Gloucester’s birthday celebrations and for the HRH Prince Charles’ 60th Birthday at the Royal Opera House in London.

Lauyee has taken up the position of Senior Harp Teacher at the Hong Kong Harp Chamber since 2011. As an active soloist, Lauyee has given many public recitals and chamber music concerts in HK. She was awarded a certificate for her exemplary teaching in preparing students for The Szeged International Harp Competition in Hungary in 2013. Lauyee has been interviewed by TVB recently with one of her outstanding students to introduce harp music. She has also been invited to perform in the First Taiwan International Harp Festival in June 2015.



  • 英國皇家音樂學院及英國倫敦大學雙(榮譽)碩士
  • 巴哈獨奏比賽冠軍
  • N.Borenstein豎琴比賽冠軍


楊柳依六歲開始接受正統音樂訓練,並於翌年開始定期舉行獨奏會。年僅十歲即獲北京中央音樂學院附屬學校取錄,期間每年均以傑出成績贏得獎學金;在學期間楊柳依參與學院的樂團訓練,年僅十三歲便正式參與樂團演出,更有幸與世界知名指揮家Seiji Ozawa及Liang Chen Chen 同枱演出,楊柳依所彈奏的各類型作品均獲好評。

畢業後楊柳依旋即前赴英國皇家音樂學院修讀音樂學士及碩士學位,先後師事豎琴系主任Skaila Kanga和著名豎琴家Catherine White。

與此同時,楊柳依繼續接受嚴謹的樂團訓練,師承英國皇家愛樂樂團豎琴首席Thelma Owen。楊柳依經常參與Royal Academy Symphony Orchestra 及 Young Musician Symphony Orchestra 的演出,並與多位著名指揮家合作,包括Sir Colin Davis, Yan Pascal Tortellier, Susanna Malkki 及 James Blair.


楊柳依熱愛現代音樂,曾為多位作曲家的作品作首演,包括Richard Bissell、Gareth Woods、 Rhian Samuel、Eric Crees及Joby Talbot。楊柳依演出經驗豐富,曾獲邀於阿姆斯特、瑞士及倫敦聖馬田作豎琴獨奏。楊柳依曾在英國多間療養中心彈奏豎琴音樂,協助病人紓緩情緒,利用音樂回饋社會。此外,楊柳依是英國皇家音樂學院豎琴合奏團的活躍份子,曾為告羅士打公爵夫人作生日獻奏及於倫敦皇家歌劇院為查理斯皇子六十大壽作皇室御前豎琴演奏。