Student Performance

Harp Chamber Events & Activities
Student Performances
19-Mar-23 The 19th Harp Chamber Student Recital 2023; Theatre, SWCC
11-Dec-22 Harp Chamber Outstanding Student Recital 2022; Recital Hall, City Hall
20-Nov-22 Heritage Vogue Hollywood Road 2022; Atrium, Central Market
8-Oct-22 The 18th Hong Kong Harp Chamber Student Autumn Recital 2022; Lecture Hall, Space Museum
28-Aug-22 Harp Phapsody; Theatre, SWCC
27-Aug-22 Kilby Li and Students Harp Recital; Recital Hall, City Hall
27-Aug-22 Soundtrack to the Seasons: A Multimedia Harp Recital by Jasmine Shek and Rose Shek; Lecture Hall, SWCC
3-Jul-22 The 17th Hong Kong Harp Chamber Student Recital 2022; Lecture Hall, SWCC
12-Jun-22 The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra Fundraising Concert 2022; Concert Hall, Cultural Centre
18-Dec-21 Kids Christmas Performance at K11 Musea
29-Nov-21 Harp Kaleidoscope Dan Yu with friends & Students; Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall
13-Jul-21 Sixteen Fingers+ A night with acclaimed HK harpists; Theatre, SWH Civic Centre
14-Mar-21 The 16th Hong Kong Harp Chamber Student Recital 2021; Lecture Hall, SWCC
7-Sep-20 Fairy Harpia; Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall
21-Jun-20 The 15th Hong Kong Harp Chamber Student Recital 2020; Lecture Hall, SWCC
21-Jan-20 Life & Romance Concert; St Andrew's Church
11-Jan-20 Thanksgiving Harp Recital by Elam Lai with special appearance by Hong Kong Harp Chamber Junior Ensemble; All Saints' Cathedral
7-Dec-19 Dan Yu and students Harp Recital; Large Lecture Theatre, La Salle College
10-Nov-19 Park Stickney & Friends Jazz Harp Concert; Theatre, Sheung Wan Civic Centre
29-Oct-19 「愛協妙韻音樂夜」籌款晚會, Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
5-Sep-19 Concordia University HK Foundation 20th Anniversity Fund Raising Dinner; JW Marriott Ballroom
29-Aug-19 Pictures at an Exhibition by Flute & Harp; Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall
11-Jul-19 Stars of Tomorrow Concert at the 11th USA International Harp Competition; Indiana University Jacobs School of Music
25-Jun-19 Taiwan International Harp Festival 2019; Taipei Eslite Performance Hall
7-Apr-19 The 14th Hong Kong Harp Chamber Student Recital; Lecture Hall, Sheung Wan Civic Centre
30-Mar-19 HK Phil Fund Raising Concert; Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
26-Jan-19 Sunday Kiss x Whizpa Family Fun Festival 2019
24-25 Dec 2018 Floating Christmas at PMQ
24-Nov-18 New Sight Fund Raising Event, Metta
20-Nov-18 Consulate General of Ireland's Student Ambassador Orientation Day, La Salle College
22-Sep-18 2018 第四屆童心童行慈善音樂會; The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Jockey Club Auditorium
17-Jun-18 DAO (Diocesan Alumnae Orchestra) Prelude to Vienna 2018; Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts Concert Hall
5-May-18 Breakfast with Flute and Harp 晨間音樂會; High Block, Recital Hall, Hong Kong City Hall
21-Apr-18 St. Paul's Hospital 120th Anniversary; St. Paul's Hospital
11-Mar-18 The 13th Hong Kong Harp Chamber Student Recital 2018; Lecture Hall, Sheung Wan Civic Centre
24-Nov-17 University of Waterloo 60th Anniversary dinner; The Ballroom, Intercontinental Hotel
9-Nov-17 Flute & Harp Concert - A Celestial Journey from Berlin; APA Amphitheatre
24-Sep-17 Sharing Love Sharing Dreams Charity Concert; HKSKH St Paul's Church
14-Jul-17 Art, Culture and Music at the Airport 2017; HK International Airport
7-Jul-17 2017 World Harp Congress Opening Concert; Hong Kong APA
9-Apr-17 ABRSM 2016 High Scorers’ Concert; Auditorium, Diocesan Boys’ School
8-Mar-17 Irish Festival - Women's Day; 3/F Comix Home Base
11-Feb-17 丁酉年市區元宵綵燈會; Cultural Centre
2-Jan-17 2017第三屆童心童行慈善音樂會; Y Theatre
23-Dec-16 Listen to the Harp; G/F Open Space, Comix Home Base
30-Nov-16 Dan Yu and students Harp Recital; Theatre, SWCC
18-Jul-16 Comix Home Base 3rd Anniversary Kick-off Ceremony; G/F Comix Home Base
8-Jul-16 Eat ● Play ● Love Emmanuel Ceysson; The China Club
28 May - 4 Jun 2016 Asia Harp Festival; Korea
20-Mar-16 Park Stickney Amazing Jazz Night Show; Lecture Hall, SWCC
20-Mar-16 The 12th Hong Kong Harp Chamber Student Recital - Easter 2016; Lecture Hall, SWCC