Individual and Group Lessons

- we offer 30 mins, 45 mins or 60 mins one-on-one private lessons.
- we offer 45 mins (Group of 2) or 60 mins (Group of 3-4) group lessons.


Pop Music Arrangement Class

Learn how to :
1. read chord sheet
2. play accompaniment patterns
3. apply pattern from classical repertoire into pop music arrangements
4. compose introduction / interlude


Course Enrolment
  1. For first time enrolment, after the lesson schedule is confirmed, tuition fee of first 8 lessons must be settled at least 3 working days prior to commencement of the course. Thereafter, course fee is payable on a monthly basis.  No class on public holidays.  All courses are conducted on a weekly basis.
  2. Payment Method: cash, EPS, bank transfer or cheque (payable to Hong Kong Harp Chamber Music) HSBC account no. 577-124886-001 [A M C L T/A HK H CM]
  3. After enrolment, refund will only be made if there is a change in schedule, no vacancy or if a designated class is cancelled. Harp Chamber reserves the right to modify any changes in the program.


Ensemble Classes

Media Coverage

Student performances


Harp Practice
  1. Harp Chamber students can enjoy THREE 45-minute FREE harp practice per week, Monday to Sunday, non-cumulative, at any of our centers.
  2. Harp model and room will be assigned in accordance to availability.
  3. Walk-in practice will not be permitted.
  4. No make-up time for late comers. One day prior notice is required for change of time.
  5. Cancellation must be made at least 2 hours prior to the booking time. ONE week FREE booking suspension for no show.
  6. Persons entering Harp Chamber premises are required to follow staff instructions on utilization of center facilities. Harp Chamber reserves the right to expel any persons for non-compliance of user guidelines. Harp Chamber may request indemnity in case of damage.


  1. Lessons will be arranged to online / reschedule if Typhoon Signal No. 8 or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted. Classes will be resumed TWO hours after such warnings are lowered. Parents are advised to exercise their discretion on whether to send their children to our Center under adverse weather conditions.


  1. 我們提供30分鐘、45分鐘及60分鐘私人授課。
  2. 我們提供45分鐘(2人)及60分鐘(3-4人)小組授課。


  1. 新學員首次報名必須於上課時間確定後,於開課前三個工作天前繳費確認,學員首次報名需繳交首8堂學費,續班按月收費,除公眾假期,全部課程均每週上課。
  2. 付款方法: 現金、繳費靈、銀行轉帳匯豐銀行戶口577-124886-001 [A M C L T/A HK H CM] 或支票(枱頭寫Hong Kong Harp Chamber Music)
  3. 除課程改期、額滿或取消外,一經繳費,已繳費用,概不退還。豎琴堡保留更改課程的權利。


  1. 豎琴堡學生可於本中心享有每星期三節每節45分鐘免費練琴,不設累積使用。
  2. 豎琴型號及琴房由本中心安排。
  3. 租用琴室,敬請預約。
  4. 遲到恕不加時,更改預約時間,須於一天前通知。
  5. 取消預約,須於預定時間 2小時前致電通知本中心,否則租用者將暫停一星期免費練琴。
  6. 任何人士進入豎琴堡均須遵從職員有關使用設施守則,豎琴堡保留指令違規者即時離開而不作退款安排,豎琴堡保留追討賠償的權利。


  1. 如懸掛八號颱風訊號或黑色暴雨警告訊號,所有課堂將安排以網課形式進行/另行安排補課。凡強風暴雨訊號解除兩小時後,課程會正常進行。如遇惡劣天氣,家長請自行決定上 課與否,以確保學童就學安全。