Harp Learning

The Hong Kong Harp Chamber nurtures music talents by customizing a holistic approach for each individual’s needs. Group or one-to-one lessons are available for students of age 3 or above. In addition to teaching skills, theory, sight-reading, audition and improvisation, our experienced teachers are most vigilant with implanting the correct posture and technique early in the learning to forestall bad habits from forming.

Besides preparing students for exams, recitals and competitions, we encourage them to learn a diverse repertoire. We organize annual student recitals for students to exhibit their accomplishments and share the joy of music with parents and fellow students, and to cultivate confidence with the on-stage experience.

We pledge to groom our students to become passionate musicians who master the skills, and along with it, discover the pleasure and wit in the enchanting world of music.

Student Benefits

  1. Enjoy discount on harps, books, CDs, strings and accessories.
  2. Enjoy THREE 45-minute FREE harp practices per week, Monday to Sunday, non-cumulative.
  3. Priority booking for use of harp/room or purchase of concert tickets.
  4. Enjoy discount for harp practice.






  1. 購買豎琴、琴書、CDs、琴線及其他配件可獲優惠。
  2. 豎琴堡學生可享每星期三節每節45分鐘免費練琴,星期一至日計,不設累積使用。
  3. 優先租用琴房及購買演奏會門券。
  4. 可享租用琴室折扣優惠。