Honorary Advisor

Honorary Advisor - Moya Wright
"Performing music that moves your heart and captivates your mind requires not only a great deal of personal commitment and effort, but also requires access to a broad range of artistic resources.   For those of us who have witnessed the growth of local talents in Hong Kong, it carries a very special feeling to see how the Hong Kong Harp Chamber is organizing innovative and creative programs to promote the harp.  Their ensemble and performance programs are made possible also by the generous support of the leading harp makers from throughout the world, and their master class audition program will provide access to international teaching programs at the highest level.  I look forward to seeing more Hong Kong participants at world harp events."

Moya Wright
Ms. Wright is a former Principal Harpist with the Hong Kong Philharmonic and has held positions as director at Music Publishing of Lyon & Healy Harps, Victor Salvi Foundation and the USA International Harp Competition