Second Hand Lever Harps

Secondhand Lever Harps for Sale


1. Triplett Monterey 36

Brand: Triplett
Model: Monterey
Finish: walnut
Years of use: 10 years
Accessories: tuning key
Price: $16,000

Height: 54 inches
Weight: 27 pounds
Strings: 36 nylon and composite strings
Range: C to C
Levers: Fully levereed with Camac levers

Interested parties, please contact Harp Chamber Wanchai at 3741-0202

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2. Triplett Sierra 34
Brand: Triplett
Model: Sierra 34
Years of use: 10 years
Finish: walnut
Accessories: Tuning key
Height: 54 inches
Weight: 23 pounds
Strings: 34 nylon mono and composite strings
Range: C up to A
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3. Dusty Strings 36 strings lever harp - FH36B
Brand: Dusty Strings
Model: FH36B
Year of purchase : 2005
Finish: maple
Accessories: Tuning key
  IMG_5939 IMG_5940IMG_5941