The Hong Kong Harp Chamber’s mission is to

  • promote harp music
  • bring the best of the harp world (instruments, music, books, world harp events) to our community

We aim to establish a resource center for our members who value harp music as a lifetime enjoyment or as a wonderful means to connect with people. Our membership program allows us to achieve our goals and to provide us with a means to encourage more harp learning, playing, performing and appreciation.

Registration  $100

Annual Subscription Fee

  • Harp Chamber students                 $480
  • Students of Affiliated teachers      $640
  • Others                                                 $800


Members Benefits:

  1. Enjoy monthly rental service for various harps.
  2. 10% discount on books, CDs and strings.
  3. FREE or special price for joining workshop.
  4. Priority booking for use of harp/room or purchase of concert tickets.
  5. Enjoy discount for harp practice.

Membership is non-transferrable.


入會費    $100


  • 本中心學生                       $480
  • 本中心老師外來學生      $640
  • 其他                                   $800


  1. 可享月租豎琴服務
  2. 購買琴書、CD及琴線可獲九折優惠。
  3. 免費或以會員價參加工作坊。
  4. 優先租用琴房及購買演奏會門券。
  5. 會員可享租用琴室折扣優惠。