Harpsicle™ Harp


Instrument for Beginners Course

Harpsicle™ Harps are well designed, sturdily built and have the correct string spacing which make them an excellent selection for a first time harper. Light and portable, these simple harps have nice volume and tone. Harpsicle™ Harps are well made and maintain tuning as well as any professional harp. Harpsicle™ Harps fit in the overhead storage bin or garment closet of most airliners. Even standing to play or marching in a parade is possible and they make chairs optional!

The Harpsicle™ Harp can be played in the key of C and A minor or tuned to any other scale. Harpsicle™ music sets are in the Key of C and A minor. It has no Bridge pins and levers cannot be added. This is the perfect harp for beginners or the second instrument for harpist on the move.