Our Students

International Competition Winners

Rose Shek Cheuk-Yiu 石卓瑤

  • 2016 Camac Prize Taiwan, Open Pedal Division, First Prize
  • 2015 First Korea International Harp Competition, Junior Division, 4th prize
  • 2014 Nippon International Harp Competition (8) Junior Division, 4th prize

今年十一月我和姐姐一起到日本東京草加市,參加了第廿六屆Nippon 國際豎琴大賽。今次是我第一次出國參加比賽,所以出發前既緊張又興奮!



Jasmine Shek Cheuk-Lam 石卓琳

  • 2014 Nippon International Harp Competition (14) Advanced Division, 2nd place
  • 2012 Ksenia Erdely International Harp Competition in Russia (12) Junior Division, 2nd place & HarpMasters Outstanding Performance Award
  • 2010 Nippon International Harp Competition (10) Junior Division, 2nd place

My Harp Dream 2014 Beijing & Japan - The most challenging thing of this harp journey for me was neither encountering two different competitions in two countries within one month.  I found boarding the plan to leave Japan and end the journey was the most difficult task through the entire trip.

My past experiences have taught me that the key to excel your best performance on stage is to enjoy the time when you perform.  And I did it this time, instead of worrying about the wrong notes and pedals or what the judges would think about my performance; I told myself to relax, enjoy the moment on stage and to offer my music to God.  At last, the two competitions went unexpectedly well.  I won the Second Prize both in Beijing and Japan (Advanced Division).

Another thing which made my trip amazing was that I could reunite with my harp friends who I had met previously in different countries.  It was a great surprise for me since I had never expected to see all of them in Japan!  Although we were competing in the same competition, we did not see each other as foes, but instead we had a lot of fun and learnt a lot from each other!

In conclusion, it was one of the most fruitful trips I’ve ever embarked.  Last but not least, I would like to show my gratitude to my dearest teacher Ms. Yu who has helped me so much throughout my entire harp journey.  Without her, I would not have stood on the stage in the prestigious hall on the day of the Prize Giving Ceremony.


Aimee Lam 林杏瑜

  • 2016 4th International Harp Competition Szeged, Hungary, Category Under 19 years old, Third Prize
  • 2015 First Korea International Harp Competition, Junior Division, 3rd prize


Aimee is now eleven years old, she started learning the harp at the age of six. She has participated in numerous public recitals including winning double Gold at the 2012 Hong Kong 7th International Music and Arts Competition Youth String Class. Aimee is studying harp under Ms Lauyee Yeung. She is committed to a lifelong learning and enjoyment of playing the harp and hopes to giver further public recitals along with competing in international harp competitions to  further her education and experience. Aimm has just won Third Prize in the 2015 First International Harp Competition in Korea.


Kahori Yamauchi 山內香穗里

2013 Hungarian International Harp Competition in Szeged 匈牙利國際豎琴大賽

Kahori Yamauchi 山內香穗里(10) U12 Division, 3rd place

Kahori Yamauchi is 10 years old, she is a primary 5 student at the Japanese International School of Hong Kong. She has performed on many occasions including The Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony, the Hong Kong Music Festival, All Saints’ Cathedral Afternoon Concert and HK Amateurs Orchestra Concert at the Cultural Centre.

Mom always told me “Rome was not built in a day! It takes years of strenuous efforts and practice to put on a bravura performance!” I do not understand it until last year my mother took me to Szeged for the Hungarian International Harp Competition in Szeged. Then, I finally realized the meaning of this phase.

We spent the whole year to prepare for this competition and the practice almost taken up all my spare time for television or playing. The trip to Szeged has been long, it was almost a day! I have my mother and teacher Ms. Lauyee YEUNG’s encouragement to keep me up in this journey.

Before my trip to Szeged, everyone told me that competition was “just for fun”. Yet, on seeing so many fine harps at the competition venue and meeting the many dedicated people in the organizing team, I felt Szeged was turned into a harp city with the Competition. On the stage at Móra Ferenc Muzeum, I suddenly feel very excited; I have the urge to express my heart-felt gratitude to everyone and showed them my efforts in the past year by my 10-minute performance.

On hearing the announcement that I came third, my mother was even more surprised than me. I was happy to see my mother’s excitement.

The experience in this competition reinforced my belief on hard work makes all things possible. So, I decided to even work harder neither for the sake of competition nor prizes, but for the satisfaction beyond expression.


Wong Yu Yin Cantadivina 王語嫣

  • 2016 Camac Prize Taiwan, Open Lever Division, First Prize
  • 2015 6th International Young Musicians Competition Prize "Antonio Salieri" in Italy, Harp-Guitar section, Junior Level, the First Prize
  • 2015 French International Harp Competition in Limoges, Beginner Level 1, 1st mention unanimously

LA 1252LA 622

When I was two years old, my parents took me to the Harp Chamber to play harps. There, I met Miss Dan Yu and I asked her to play a song for me and she played "Mary Had a Little Lamb" while I sang along.

Afterwards, Miss Yu let me tried the Harpsicle Harp.

"Do you like harp?" my parents asked me.
"Yes, I like it¨ I said, but it's too heavy!"
And Miss Dan Yu said, "Come and learn to play one year later!" and after a year, she became my teacher.

After my first lesson, my parents bought me a Harpsicle Harp and I gave her a beautiful name, Cindy. She is my very first harp, and I loved her very much. Even though; I have four harps now: Cindy, Toby, Elsa and Anna, I still like to play with Cindy the most.

My parents always reminds me how good Miss Dan Yu is. She once said that teaching kids and keeping them interested in music needed a lot of patience and understanding.

I love the harp but playing it is not easy at all. My parents explained to me that it was because coordinated movement of both my hands were still difficult at this age.

I know that I will be better one day, so I will keep practicing and never give up.

When I was six, Miss Dan Yu introduced Miss Ann Huang to me, who I have been learning the harp with for a year now. She is a nice but strict teacher. She told me that a good performer is someone who could bring enjoyment to the audience through our musical performances. In the hopes of becoming a better Harp performer, I am practicing diligently to position my hands in an elegant way; and to keep playing with steady beats. I really hope that my audiences will enjoy my music, too.