Hong Kong Harp Chamber

Hong Kong Harp Chamber Music is the premier harp organization in Hong Kong run by a group of professional harpists and harp enthusiasts since 2005. We are highly experienced, well-trained, and dedicated to a single cause - the harp. Hong Kong Harp Chamber Music organized the First and Second Hong Kong Harp Festivals, the Hong Kong International Harp competitions, various concerts and master classes with world-renowned harpists.

Hong Kong Harp Chamber Music is very proud in nurturing young musicians in Hong Kong, either on becoming professional harpists or maintaining a life-long passion in harp as they pursue other careers. Hong Kong Harp Chamber Music participates in major international harp events and the students achieved excellent results in reputable harp competitions held in mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Russia, USA, the Netherlands and France. Many of our students were chosen and invited to perform at prestigious stages such as the Focus on Youth of the World Harp Congresses, Star of Tomorrow of the USA International Harp Competition, and the harp festivals in Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.

We attend to all harp-related needs, from harp lessons to performances, purchase/hire of instruments, music books, accessories, maintenance and repair of instruments. Our friendly, comprehensive, speedy, responsive and quality service will guarantee peace of mind for its patrons. Our expertise and reputation led to us being service provider to the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, the Music Department of Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Music Office of the Leisure and Cultural Service Department of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Philharmonic, the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, the School of Music of the Macau Conservatory, the Macau Philharmonic Orchestra, the Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra and music department of schools.

Our students performed at various events including educational concerts at schools, service visits to elderly homes and fund-raising events for organizations and causes including the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong, Medicins Sans Frontiers, Sichuan and Japan disaster relief.




香港豎琴堡支持鼓勵學生參予許多的著名國際豎琴比賽;學生們的足跡曾到過世界各地,包括中國內地、台灣、新加坡、泰國、日本、韓國、俄羅斯、美國、荷蘭和法國等地,其成績優異且獲獎無數 。

豎琴堡的學生們亦多次獲選登上著名的世界豎琴舞台;例如多屆的世界豎琴大會之 “青年焦點”, 美國國際豎琴比賽之”明日之星”,韓國, 新加坡及台灣的豎琴節等 。