Hong Kong Harp Chamber

Hong Kong Harp Chamber is the premier harp organization in Hong Kong run by a group of professional harpists and harp enthusiasts. We are highly experienced, well trained, and dedicated to a single cause - the harp. We attend to all harp related needs, from harp lessons to performances, purchase/hire of instruments, music books, accessories, maintenance and repair. Our friendly, comprehensive, speedy, responsive and quality service will guarantee your peace of mind.

The Hong Kong Harp Chamber organized the First and Second Hong Kong Harp Festival, Hong Kong Harp competitions, concerts and master classes with world-renowned harpists. We are a service provider to the Academy of Performing Arts, the Music Department of Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Music Office of the Leisure and Cultural Service Department of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Philharmonic, the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, the School of Music of the Macau Conservatory, the Macau Philharmonic Orchestra and the Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Harp Chamber participates in major international events and competitions in China mainland, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Russia, USA, the Netherlands and France. Our students perform at various events including music concerts, education concerts at schools, service visits to elderly homes and fund raising, such as that for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong, Medicins Sans Frontiers, Sichuan and Japan disaster relief.


香港豎琴堡是由一群專業豎琴音樂家和愛好者開辦,是香港豎琴教育的翹楚。我們都是專業的豎琴音樂家,經驗豐富,有一個共同的理想 - 推廣豎琴音樂。我們提供所有與豎琴有關的服務:彈奏班,演奏會,售賣/租借豎琴、樂譜、配件,保養和維修等等。我們提供的友善、迅捷、全面的優質服務定會讓你安心信靠。