Master Classes

Master Classes

Our international network connects us to principal harpists of major symphony orchestras, award-winning performing harpists and harp making and regulating masters.

These classes are to assist harpists that are either currently studying with local teachers or are practicing specific repertoire pieces on their own but would like to have lessons with overseas masters to improve on:

  • specific techniques, such as scales, trills, arpeggios, trick fingerings
  • therapeutic harp music relaxation
  • how to practice effectively, how to swing the beat
  • how to regulate harps


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Recent Master Classes/ Private lessons / Workshops:-

Park Stickney - May 2014
Emmanuel Ceysson - Jul 2014
Isabelle Moretti - Jul 2014
Ángel Padilla - 19 July 2015
Isabelle Perrin - 21 July 2015
Emmanuel Ceysson - 23 Aug 2015
Chantel Mathieu - 26 Oct 2015
Park Stickney - 21 Mar 2016
Elizabeth Hainen - 20 May 2016
Emmanuel Ceysson - Jul 2016
Isabelle Moretti - 28-30 Jul 2016


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