Summer Courses

Summer Courses 豎琴暑期班


Harp for Beginners 初學者課程

  • 4 weeks, 8 lessons conducted twice a week 四週、共8課
  • Suitable for children age 4 or above (children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult) 適合四歲或以上小童 (四歲或以下小童須由成人陪同)


Course Description 課程簡介

  • Learn string plucking and basic harp techniques 學習豎琴彈撥和基本技巧
  • Develop correct harp posture, hand position and finger technique 培養正確的彈奏姿勢、方法及指法運用
  • Student will be able to play some easy and simple songs after the course is completed  完成課程後,學生將能夠彈奏一些簡單的樂曲


Private 私人授課
  • 30-min per lesson, twice a week 毎課30分鐘, 毎週2課
  • $2,880 港元


Group of Two 2人小組班
  • 45-min per lesson, twice a week 毎課45分鐘, 毎週2課
  • $2,600 per person 毎位2,600 港元


Summer Specials 暑期優惠


1. New students can enjoy short lease of the following harp models for home practice 新生可享以下短期租琴優惠:-

  • Harpsicle® Harp at $300 per month, Deposit $2,000   Harpsicle® Harp 小豎琴毎月租金300港元,按金2,000港元
  • Dusty Strings Ravenna 26 at $500 per month, Deposit $5,000 (subject to availability) Dusty Strings Ravenna 26弦手制豎琴,毎月租金500港元,按金5,000港元


2.  Start-up Harping Package

  • Eight 30-min private lessons 8 課每課30分鐘私人授課
  • Learning book - Harp for Beginners 課本-豎琴初班 (free gift)
  • Yamaha Music School Student Set 音樂學校學生套裝 (free gift)

Package 1 - HKD7,560 (original price HKD8,320) 初學者優惠套裝7,560 港元 (原價8,320港元)

  • Harpsicle® Harp NO lever (26 strings) 美國製造Harpsicle® Harp 小豎琴(沒有手制)(26弦)
  • Nylon Carrying Bag 尼龍便攜袋
  • Wood Stand 小豎琴木座


Package 2 - HKD13,800   (original price HKD15,730) 初學者優惠套裝13,800 港元 (原價15,730港元)

  • Camac Bardic 27 (27 strings) 法國製造Camac Bardic 27 弦手制豎琴
  • Transport cover  尼龍運輸套

Bardic-27-Violet_bigHousse Bardic recto